About S2i vector

Our Institute is a marvelous place noted for learning multimedia software applications. Our Institute was started on 14th March 2007 at Erode.Our company management members and faculties are well qualified and equipped in this field. We have worked in lot of both commercial and 3D animation movies which have won the appreciation of viewers.

          We have gained thourogh knowledge and experience in this field for the past 15 years.We create new teaching techniques to teach the students and make them a successful technical persons in this field. This multimedia field has been growning by new updates and techniques everyday. So we prepare the students to learn these updates by themself quickly and to handle the job works effectively .

          Our Institute is located in the heart of the city.It is placed very near to the city bus -stand. So people and students may reach our Institute easily and quickly.Our Institute has all fundamental facilities like classrooms , computer labs and also has special facility like studio for green mate and blue mate purpose.We encourage the students to make 2D and 3D movies independently . We prepare the training strategy very carefully to fulfil all the learning needs of students in multimedia field.

          Expansion of S2I is " Sentence to Image" . Vector denotes easy to edit , that is , vector is a very important basic thing in the multimedia to work easily in 2Danimation , 3D animation , VFX and E-Learning etc. We have trained over 1000 students till date .Our students have won job oppurtunites at various multinational companies in Chennai , Coimbatore and in Bangalore .We have tie-ups with over 20 companies for giving the placements to the students

          We designed our training strategy for the students to learn the courses effectively and efficiently and work in their concerned areas of multimedia field succesfully.Our strategy helps the students to update themselves in future , to get proper basic knowledge about this field and also to make them as a skillful person in their job.

          We release various tutorial DVDs for the people from time to time and the students learn the multimedia concepts and software applications in easy way . Our products are very much useful to the public as well as students and they are well received in the marget . Users appreciate our products and encourage us to release more and more tutorial DVDs.